WELCOME TO OUR SITE!  So you want to know more about GymShared eh? Well, we're the fastest growing network of gyms in BC with more being added every month.
We only partner with the BEST independent gyms and then we work together to offer an alternative gym membership that competes with the large gym chains but without the contracts.


We're different, but good different. The fitness industry has just recently started to embrace technology and we’re taking full advantage of this opportunity. With a new type of membership that’s run entirely through your phone, we’ve shifted the power into the consumers’ hands where they can take  charge.

You get unlimited access to all our premier gyms for only $9.99 per week to workout anywhere, anytime.


Riley Abreo









  Riley Abreo, Founder
Riley grew up as an athletic youngster playing various sports including soccer, rugby, and baseball. To stay in shape, he made going to the gym an absolute necessity. However, while in university, he struggled to keep up his fitness routine by only having access to his local gym. While looking for a solution, he realized the only way he could workout was to either have a membership or pay a costly drop-in.
Gymshared was created for the person who needs more than just a typical gym membership. Members now get unlimited access to all partnered facilities for less than $10 a week. That's cheaper than the cost of a single drop-in at a standard gym.